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Our workouts are designed to educate you on the efficiency of being in the gym, all while providing you with the intensity you are looking for.


You’ll receive guidance on how to be flexible with your diet and be set up for success with no sacrifices to your personal life


You’ll be alongside a group of other people who are working toward their own goal.

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You will have access to the private Facebook group for added accountability, knowledge, and motivation

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Fitness is an enjoyable process, not a chore!
I'll show you how.

We’re body transformation specialists based in Pittsburgh and Brookville, Pennsylvania. Our aim is to help busy individuals achieve their goal body and lead a lifestyle that is not only healthy in the gym, but out of the gym as well. We specialize in helping busy people get their old bodies back, enhance their energy levels, and live a life where fitness is an enjoyable process, not a chore.
With kids and crazy work schedules, it is impossible to ask the individual to live in the gym for 7 days a week. With a minimalist approach, we are able to construct training programs that will not only produce the results you are looking for, but make sure you are not making countless sacrifices with your personal life.

Our approach is to not only teach you, but make training enjoyable and as sustainable as possible.

“Building relationships, grinding through the process, and producing results are what coaching is all about. My goal is to bring awareness to all my clients that a lot can be accomplished with very little. At the end of the day, it is all about enjoying life, balancing your goals with your personal life, and bridging the gap between what is necessary and unnecessary.”
- Eddie


Who we are and what we can do for you


Founder/Body Transformation Specialist

Bachelors in Exercise Science with an Emphasis in Fitness and Programming

Former NCAA Division I Coach

Transformed Over 100 People

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Vanessa Jacobson

Coach/Group Fitness Specialist

Bachelors in K-12 Health and Physical Education

Master’s in Athletic Coaching

Progressed Numerous Elite Athletes To Improve Performance

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