Here are just a few people that achieved their target body with our support and guidance:

[Eddie] really gave me the knowledge and information I needed to be where I want to be in my fitness journey…I can actually say that after 12 years in the Air Force I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been.

Words can’t express how happy I am with my progress, programs, and coach Eddie…I can honestly say this is the closest relationship I’ve ever had with any coach.

“[Eddie] educated and guided me in so many aspects, he truly is an amazing coach. My transformation goes beyond just the physical changes you see here. Life is good!”

I found my inspiration through the guidance and calm professionalism from the amazing Eddie Larios. He’s taught me so much when at 43 I thought I “pretty much knew it”.

[Eddie’s] coaching style is a perfect match and fit for me. Through his lifting programs, and macros that fit a flexible diet, I have exceeded my goals! He has taught me not only “how” but also the “whys” of how my program works. Because of him, I am able to live life as well as continue to thrive in the gym!

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